I grew up in Venezuela, surrounded by art and culture. 
As a child, my playground were museums and art galleries and my toys were paper, watercolors, acrylic paint, and small pieces of different types of wood my father brought home to me.  All these raw materials lay next to the Legos on the table in the corner of my family´s living room. While I played, I created small worlds and dreamed big dreams.
At the age of 16, I studied architecture in The Caracas School of Architecture at The Central University of Venezuela and began my handcraft apprenticeship at Artes del Fuego.  The studies of form, composition, geometry and structure ignited my passion for translating all I learnt into creating jewelry.
Each piece of jewelry in my collection reflects my love for architecture, organic forms, and natural shapes.  The simplicity, subtlety, and sensuality in my exclusive designs are synthesized in every piece.
I love to play with what I know of art and shapes and transform them into unique jewelry pieces that are completely original and different to anything else in the market.
Behind each collection there is a story, an intimate analysis of the world that surrounds me.  Each piece is an interpretation of particular moment I´m living, and that makes them unique and special.


Photo : Amalia Caputo